3 Days in Beijing

Beijing, the capital city of China, famous for housing many traditional and vibrant national treasures. The city received an effective rejuvenation for conducting the 2008 Olympics and now is praised for its improved infrastructure. There is so much to see and explore this fascinating city that guarantees vastly improved safety for tourists, especially women and children. However, prior to your journey, make sure you have a health insurance card and have taken the recommended immunizations.

Here goes your well-planned itinerary for what to see and do while spending three jam-packed days in Beijing. 

Day 1

  • Visit the Temple of Heaven. One could really feel the charming spirit of China – the air is filled with chanting prayers, light classic tunes and often you can witness opera performances, exercises, dance and much more. Head through the nearby courtyard where you could watch the interesting matchmaking market and a bit of gambling going on.
  • The Forbidden City, the magnificent palace of China. This is a massive one made up of 980 buildings and holds its rank in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You must carry your passport stamped with Visas to get in and be fast as there is a limit in the number of tickets being sold.
  • Twenty minutes’ walk in the south direction to Tiananmen Square. A prominent place

5 Days In Cuba

The biggest island in the Caribbean Sea and often referred to as the Pearl of the Antilles, Cuba is the new go-to holiday spot for foreigners. There is no lack of interesting, amazing places to explore in Cuba. It would be advisable to put together an itinerary to make sure that you see as much as possible.


Handy tips for planning your Holiday

  • The best time to travel is between November and March and with the cooler climate will make your time here more enjoyable.
  • The cost of Flight’s to Cuba remains the same throughout the year; Cuba has seen a rise in the luxury tourists’ market.
  • As per the Cuban national laws, all tourists should have a return ticket. Upon landing, you should produce a travel health insurance card along with the visa that lasts for about thirty days. The duration of a visa can be extended on request. Also, you should take the recommended immunizations before traveling.
  • Cuban citizens use two currencies which include the CUC or Peso Convertible. CUC is worth about 1USD and the other is MN or Moneda Nacional. The average price of tourist accommodation on this island is about 20 CUC.
  • The city is safe for both adults and children as the Cuban police ensure that the crime rate is kept under